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Reply: Where to start in the Games Industry?

I received another interesting email this week asking where to even start in the games industry. I thought this would be interesting to share since it starts by asking what qualifications or roles there might be, not focusing on a specific discipline. Here's the original mail Dear Mr Winder, My name is [...] and I [...]

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Reply: What do you look for in a Junior Programmer?

Quite often we get messages asking what kinds of skills or content is required when someone wants to apply for a Junior Programming position we have at Hardlight (we have a variety of openings now if you're interested...). I often reply to these personally, so I thought I'd stick the last one I sent up [...]

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Why Accreditation Matters

I originally posted this to #AltDevBlogADay on Saturday February 25, 2012. Choice is a wonderful thing. Blind choice isn't and when it comes to degrees listing themselves as a great place to do a 'Technical Games Degree' there's a lot of choice and not a lot of information available to sort the good from the bad. It's [...]


Computing in Schools – Lets Not Rush Things

I originally posted this to #AltDevBlogADay on Friday February 10, 2012. There has been a significant amount of press in the UK about the quality of computer related education at Key Stage 3 and 4 (Secondary School level with pupils ages 11-16 years old) and to a much lesser extent Key Stage 5 (college or 6th form [...]

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Game Degrees, SkillSet and Accreditation

Everybody who has had even a cursory glance at game degrees, whether they are technical, artistic or design based, knows that they come in for some abuse. You hear what can only be described as horror stories, people who have spent 3 or 4 years of their lives, racked up a large amount of debt, [...]

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Elusive Demo Portfolio – Posted On Game Career Guide

The Game Career Guide has posted an abridged version of The Elusive Demo Portfolio posts (parts 1 and 2) (edited by the editors of the the Game Career Guides website) - titled How To Make A Game Programming Demo Portfolio.   Hopefully it will reach another audience who will find it pretty useful and the original has already been [...]

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The Elusive Demo Portfolio – Part 3

In the previous parts of this series, I covered what is generally regarded as good content for an entry level portfolio and then followed it up with suggestions and ideas on how your portfolio could be presented.  In this part I am going to take a look at some real world portfolio's that have been [...]