Hello from a New Domain

Well it didn’t take a long as I’d feared, so now this blog post is coming to you from Unfortunately, I don’t have anything interesting to say in this one as it’s more of a test for me to make sure everything is working and the original FeedBurner feed is still good.

This should still work with the old address to, but if you’re accessing the site through that, it might be a good idea to update any links as it won’t be staying this way forever.

Unfortunately it looks like e-mail on this domain isn’t working which I’ve had to raise with my host provider, but other than that it seems to have done down well.

I’ve a couple of blog posts planned for the near future (one every 2 weeks would be a good thing to aim for I think) that go over unit testing, coding standards and the IGDA, and I’ve love to post something on why it seems everyone I follow on Twitter hates C++, but maybe that’s a can of worms that needs keeping shut…

Anyway, I’ve taken up enough of your time with this (far to long) ‘test’ post so I hope you enjoy your weekend.

Blog Fail

Last night I tried to update various blog plug-ins and I decided to do it while watching a rather good episode of House. Lets just say I shouldn’t have been distracted.

So if any RSS feeds have been spammed as I tried to fix the general mess that the half updated and broken installs created, then I apologise.

As an aside, I took this opportunity to update my Blog Roll with a subsection of the blogs I regularly read (if I put all of them it would be to long a list) so have a look through and see if there’s anything you haven’t seen before and get subscribed! If I’m missing anything, or there are blogs that should be there, let me know.

Normal service will now resume.